Save-A-Lot Stores

Save-A-Lot Stores Now Carry Suave #SaveALotInsiders

The Save-A-Lot Stores have a reputation for giving buyers the cheapest prices on products. Now, you can get just that on even more name brand products as they have added some of my favorite brands of beauty products to their stores! Disclosure: Save-A-Lot provided me with product as well as a gift card for this […]

Britt Robertson The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride Movie #LongestRide

In just a week, we’ll be able to catch The Longest Ride movie in theaters and I can’t wait. That’s why I’m happy to share a short trailer with you as well as some character shots. Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. The Longest Ride Movie You may recall that I shared with you about […]

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How to Spot a Paypal Phishing Email

Paypal Phishing Email: How to Spot One and What to Do

Have you ever thought you received a Paypal phishing email, but you weren’t sure? Have you ever wondered what you should do if you receive one? Well, I recently was the recipient of one and I wanted to share my experience with you. Paypal Phishing Email Last Sunday, I purchased a pair of shoes online […]

Everyone Thinks Their Job is Hard

Everyone Thinks Their Job is Hard

Something I’ve come to realize over the past year or so is that everyone thinks their job is hard. Everyone Thinks Their Job is Hard I like to believe that everyone puts in their best effort at work. I also like to think that most of us are trying to be better people. It’s because […]

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travel bucket list

My Travel Bucket List to Accompany My New Found Love of Traveling

As I begin the countdown to summer break, my mind is filled with possible trip ideas and so my travel bucket list came to be. I hadn’t done a personal post in a while, so I thought I would share my list and see if you have other recommendations for me┬áto add to it. Travel […]

travel razor kit

Travel Razor Kit Venus Snap is My New Favorite Accessory

It may be March and blustery here, but I’m already planning my summer trips and the new travel razor kit from Gillette is on my must pack list. Travel Razor Kit I’ve already got 2 blog conferences on my calendar for this summer. Both of those conferences are in California. So, I’m going to be […]

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"I'm the best chance you have at surviving."

Hot Pursuit Trailer #HotPursuit

Have you seen the Hot Pursuit Trailer yet? If not, you are in for a fun surprise! Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Hot Pursuit Trailer If you are itching for some adult comedic entertainment, then I’ve got just the movie for you. In what is sure to be a hit this summer, Hot Pursuit […]

American Family Insurance Community

American Family Insurance Community

For a variety of reasons, I’m excited to tell you about the American Family Insurance Community today as it’s a great opportunity for young adults (including me)! Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. American Family Insurance Community Insurance is actually something I have a […]

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Spring Accessories 2015

Spring Accessories 2015 from Kohl’s

Have you seen the newest spring accessories 2015 line from Kohl’s yet? If not, I think it’s definitely worth a look. Disclosure: I received these items for free. Spring Accessories 2015 Ah. It’s finally spring. That means it’s time for brighter colors and fun patterns as the weather warms up a bit. Personally, I prefer […]

Caress Forever Collection

Caress Forever Collection Body Wash Review

When I initially heard about the Caress Forever Collection of body wash, I wasn’t sure that I believed its claims. Lucky for me, I was able to put it to the test (hint: it passed). Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Caress Forever Collection The new Caress Forever Collection of body washes features a brand […]

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