Night at the Museum 3 Blu ray

Night at the Museum 3 Blu ray #NATM3Insiders

Well, it’s finally almost time for the Night at the Museum 3 Blu ray to come out. So, I thought I’d share some fun activities with you surrounding its release. Disclosure: I will be receiving a free copy of this title. Night at the Museum 3 Blu ray Late last year, I shared the Secret […]

Russell Madness Movie

Russell Madness Movie #RussellInsiders

Have you heard of the Russell Madness movie? I must admit that prior to this, I hadn’t. However, it certainly looks like an adorable movie! Disclosure: I will be receiving a copy of Russell Madness on Blu-ray for posting this. Russell Madness Movie You may remember the original Air Bud film (I know that I […]

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Sonic Milkshake Review - Shaking Up the Competition

Sonic Milkshake Review: Shaking Up the Competition

Today, I am eager to share my Sonic milkshake review with you. You see, we have a Sonic right down the road from out apartment. So, the boyfriend and I have been taking full advantage of their half-price shakes after 8 PM this whole summer. I have developed a bit of an addiction to them […]

Have a Watermelon Bomb Pop to cool off this summer!

Watermelon Bomb Pops Are a Sweet Way to Cool Off

If you are searching for an easy and sweet way to cool down right now, I’ve got the thing for you and it’s the Watermelon Bomb Pop! Disclosure: I received promotional consideration from Bomb Pops. Watermelon Bomb Pops I believe that we are officially in the dog days of summer with high temperatures and long […]

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caramel dip recipe

Caramel Dip Recipe from New York Style

I love any reason to try something sweet, especially something as delicious as this caramel dip recipe that I was given. It would go perfectly with the New York Style Cinnabon Sweet Swirls. Disclosure: I received free samples and this recipe from New York Style. Caramel Dip Recipe I don’t know if you have tried […]

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travel bucket list

My Travel Bucket List to Accompany My New Found Love of Traveling

As I begin the countdown to summer break, my mind is filled with possible trip ideas and so my travel bucket list came to be. I hadn’t done a personal post in a while, so I thought I would share my list and see if you have other recommendations for me┬áto add to it. Travel […]

travel razor kit

Travel Razor Kit Venus Snap is My New Favorite Accessory

It may be March and blustery here, but I’m already planning my summer trips and the new travel razor kit from Gillette is on my must pack list. Travel Razor Kit I’ve already got 2 blog conferences on my calendar for this summer. Both of those conferences are in California. So, I’m going to be […]

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How to Spot a Paypal Phishing Email

Paypal Phishing Email: How to Spot One and What to Do

Have you ever thought you received a Paypal phishing email, but you weren’t sure? Have you ever wondered what you should do if you receive one? Well, I recently was the recipient of one and I wanted to share my experience with you. Paypal Phishing Email Last Sunday, I purchased a pair of shoes online […]

Everyone Thinks Their Job is Hard

Everyone Thinks Their Job is Hard

Something I’ve come to realize over the past year or so is that everyone thinks their job is hard. Everyone Thinks Their Job is Hard I like to believe that everyone puts in their best effort at work. I also like to think that most of us are trying to be better people. It’s because […]

Most Popular Posts of 2014

Most Popular Posts of 2014 Here at Laughing Lindsay

I thought that I would kick-off 2015 with a look at the most popular posts of 2014 here at Laughing Lindsay. It’s always interesting to me to see what was a hit or miss here. So, I thought I’d share the results with you. Most Popular Posts of 2014 I ended 2013 by looking at […]

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Tomorrowland Trailer

Tomorrowland Trailer from the Big Game #Tomorrowland

During the Big Game last night, a new Tomorrowland Trailer was premiered. I thought it’d be nice to share it with you, since I didn’t see it and I thought I might not be the only one to miss it. Tomorrowland Trailer Last month, I shared the 2015 Disney Movies Calendar with you. In that […]

Ant-Man Teaser Trailer

Ant-Man Teaser Trailer and Poster #AntMan

Today, I want to share the Ant-Man Teaser Trailer and poster with you. Ant-Man Teaser Trailer Earlier this month, I shared the 2015 Disney Movie Calendar with you. At that time, Walt Disney Studios didn’t have an Ant-Man teaser trailer yet or even its official poster. However, as of now, they do. Take a look […]

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