dansko deidra

Dansko Deidra Shoe Review: Perfect for the Classroom

I recently received the Dansko Deidra shoe, just in time for teacher appreciation week. Just like last year, Dansko is celebrating it in a big way with a special promo. Once again, they sent me a pair of shoes for the celebration! Disclosure: I received the shoes for free. Dansko Deidra I was allowed to […]

candy you have to try

Delicious Candy You Have to Try Right Now

When I say that I’ve discovered some delicious candy you have to try, I’m not making that up. The amazing stuff that is See’s Candies is some of the best candy around and you are truly missing out if you haven’t gotten some yet. Disclosure: I received samples from See’s Candies for free and See’s […]

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headphones for running

Headphones for Running Jabra Sport Wireless Review

You are probably already aware of my love for Jabra products, so it should come as no surprise to you that I have enjoyed checking out their headphones for running or the Jabra Sport Wireless recently. They are more of that same great Jabra sound quality with a unique twist for people who like to […]

Jabra Solemate Mini

Jabra Solemate Mini Review: It Would Make a Great Gift

I recently received a Jabra Solemate Mini to review and I’m happy to report that I really like it. In keeping with the great sound quality that I’ve come to expect from Jabra with my wireless headphones from them, this little box provides me with a big sound. Plus, it looks awesome! Jabra Solemate Mini […]

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caramel dip recipe

Caramel Dip Recipe from New York Style

I love any reason to try something sweet, especially something as delicious as this caramel dip recipe that I was given. It would go perfectly with the New York Style Cinnabon Sweet Swirls. Disclosure: I received free samples and this recipe from New York Style. Caramel Dip Recipe I don’t know if you have tried […]

Golden Grahams Chicken

Delicious Golden Grahams Chicken with Honey Drizzle

Did you know that it’s National Cereal Lovers Week? It began yesterday and it continues the rest of this week. Seeing as how I love cereal, I think it’s a fun week which gives me an excuse to eat more cereal. In fact, I received a fun (free) package of cereals and other kitchen goodies […]

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travel bucket list

My Travel Bucket List to Accompany My New Found Love of Traveling

As I begin the countdown to summer break, my mind is filled with possible trip ideas and so my travel bucket list came to be. I hadn’t done a personal post in a while, so I thought I would share my list and see if you have other recommendations for me to add to it. Travel […]

travel razor kit

Travel Razor Kit Venus Snap is My New Favorite Accessory

It may be March and blustery here, but I’m already planning my summer trips and the new travel razor kit from Gillette is on my must pack list. Travel Razor Kit I’ve already got 2 blog conferences on my calendar for this summer. Both of those conferences are in California. So, I’m going to be […]

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top posts of 2013

Top Posts of 2013 at Laughing Lindsay: What Was Popular

It’s only human to look back over a year and see what happened, so I’ve decided to look at my top posts of 2013 to see which things received the most traffic this year. Take a look at the posts that were the most visited at Laughing Lindsay this year. Top Posts of 2013 I […]

christmas without daddy

Christmas Without Daddy Again: It Is Still Difficult

I can’t believe that I am having my second Christmas without daddy today. While things aren’t exactly like they were the first year without dad, it’s still hard to believe it’s happening again. Christmas without Daddy My father passed away in early December last year. So, technically last year was my first Christmas without daddy. […]

my favorite thanksgiving memory

My Favorite Thanksgiving Memory from the Past 24 Years

I had not written a personal post here in several days, so I thought I would take today to tell you all about my favorite Thanksgiving memory from over the past 24 years of my life. Here’s a hint: I love my family. My Favorite Thanksgiving Memory I must admit something. I have difficulty separating […]

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spring clean your bedroom

Spring Clean Your Bedroom and Get the Best Sleep Ever

This is the weekend to spring clean your bedroom and get yourself set up for the warmer months. I’m actually home for spring break and this is proving to be a very useful weekend to get stuff done. I thought I’d help you too and share these great tips to help you get your best […]

legends of oz dorothy's return trailer

Legends of Oz Dorothy’s Return Trailer #LegendsofOz

I didn’t even know that this film was being made until I received an email about the Legends of Oz Dorothy’s Return trailer. Now, I’m excited to see it when it comes out and I’m looking forward to hosting a special giveaway for it soon. Disclosure: I will be receiving a prize pack. Legends of […]

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March 2014 Winners Spring Forward in Style

Woah, I’m a bit late on posting the March 2014 winners. Yikes! I’m getting really bad at posting these. I used to post it like clock-work on every first Sunday of the month. However, now it’s whenever I remember/get to it. Sorry! I’m really trying over it, but I’m staying exhausted and constantly feel like […]

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