The Best Ways to Spend Time with Friends

Best Ways to Spend Time with Friends #EchoInsiders

Have you been wondering about the best ways to spend time with friends? Well, wonder no more as I share this nice list with you in anticipation of seeing the newly released Earth to Echo film. Disclosure: I will be receiving a free copy of the film on Blu-ray. Best Ways to Spend Time with […]

Mr Peabody and Sherman DVD Release Date

Mr Peabody and Sherman DVD Release Date is Here

Did you remember that today (October 14th) is the Mr Peabody and Sherman DVD release date? I mean to say that it is arriving on Blu-ray and DVD today and is now available for your home viewing pleasure. Disclosure: I will be receiving a copy of this title on Blu-ray. Mr Peabody and Sherman DVD […]

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Sonic Milkshake Review - Shaking Up the Competition

Sonic Milkshake Review: Shaking Up the Competition

Today, I am eager to share my Sonic milkshake review with you. You see, we have a Sonic right down the road from out apartment. So, the boyfriend and I have been taking full advantage of their half-price shakes after 8 PM this whole summer. I have developed a bit of an addiction to them […]

Have a Watermelon Bomb Pop to cool off this summer!

Watermelon Bomb Pops Are a Sweet Way to Cool Off

If you are searching for an easy and sweet way to cool down right now, I’ve got the thing for you and it’s the Watermelon Bomb Pop! Disclosure: I received promotional consideration from Bomb Pops. Watermelon Bomb Pops I believe that we are officially in the dog days of summer with high temperatures and long […]

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caramel dip recipe

Caramel Dip Recipe from New York Style

I love any reason to try something sweet, especially something as delicious as this caramel dip recipe that I was given. It would go perfectly with the New York Style Cinnabon Sweet Swirls. Disclosure: I received free samples and this recipe from New York Style. Caramel Dip Recipe I don’t know if you have tried […]

Golden Grahams Chicken

Delicious Golden Grahams Chicken with Honey Drizzle

Did you know that it’s National Cereal Lovers Week? It began yesterday and it continues the rest of this week. Seeing as how I love cereal, I think it’s a fun week which gives me an excuse to eat more cereal. In fact, I received a fun (free) package of cereals and other kitchen goodies […]

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travel bucket list

My Travel Bucket List to Accompany My New Found Love of Traveling

As I begin the countdown to summer break, my mind is filled with possible trip ideas and so my travel bucket list came to be. I hadn’t done a personal post in a while, so I thought I would share my list and see if you have other recommendations for me┬áto add to it. Travel […]

travel razor kit

Travel Razor Kit Venus Snap is My New Favorite Accessory

It may be March and blustery here, but I’m already planning my summer trips and the new travel razor kit from Gillette is on my must pack list. Travel Razor Kit I’ve already got 2 blog conferences on my calendar for this summer. Both of those conferences are in California. So, I’m going to be […]

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What Does a Special Education Teacher Do?

What Does a Special Education Teacher Do

Have you ever wondered what does a special education teacher do? I have discovered that some assume they know but most people really don’t have a clue about what exactly we do. What Does a Special Education Teacher Do I’ll admit it, back when I first accepted and posted that I was a new special […]

I'm finally a special education teacher!

I’m Finally a Special Education Teacher as of Monday

Just when I thought I would get back to more regular posts around here, I got some exciting news that I am being hired as a special education teacher for the 2014 – 2015 school year! Special Education Teacher As you may recall, I got my first teaching job mid-year last year to teach 6th […]

What I Learned From My Father's Death

What I Learned from My Father’s Death

I’m writing this from California because I’ve found myself having to explain my recent excursions to people I’m meeting (which I don’t mind doing) and so I thought I might share what I learned from my father’s death with my readers. I thought that it might explain some of the changes around here. What I […]

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My Favorite Hair Tips

Favorite Hair Tips for All Seasons

Whenever I find something to be useful, I try to share it with you. That’s why I want to share my favorite hair tips that are great for any time of the year. Plus, I want to tell you where you can go for additional tips. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Global Influence. Favorite […]

gender specific toys and stereotypes

Gender Specific Toys and Stereotypes

I think that having a Master of Education gives me the right to have an opinion on gender specific toys and stereotypes that they tend to create. In fact, I was recently reminded of a lecture that a great professor gave during a child psychology and development course that I took in college. So, naturally […]

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A few July 2014 Winners

The beginning of a new month means it’s time for a giveaway winners post, so here’s the July 2014 winners announcement! July 2014 I feel like I should address the lack of giveaways here now. I mean at one time, I remember having as many as double digit giveaways going on at one time here! […]

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