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Last week, I was asked if/when I’m getting married to my boyfriend 4 separate times by 4 different people! You see, I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2.5 years now. I come home from college every weekend to see him and we hang out almost every Friday and Saturday night. Granted, I love him and he loves me. We do discuss getting married and having kids one day. However, since I was asked 4 times last week, it got me to thinking…

Is there a set amount of time before people just expect you to get engaged? I mean we weren’t asked this question until we got close to the 2 year mark. However, ever since then we’ve been asked this question at least once a month. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t think we will get married or that I won’t be excited about it (Trust me, I will be. You can bet there will be a whole event about it here. Haha!). I’m just wondering what society’s set expected amount of time for dating is now.

I also wanna know… If you are married, how long were you with your significant other before you got engaged? Plus, has anyone else experienced this sudden surge of questions about marriage/engagement around the 2-2.5 year mark of a relationship?

Disclosure (just because I don’t want you to wonder and because I don’t usually post something like this): No compensation or product was received for this post. I was just thinking about this stuff lately and since Valentine’s Day was this week, I figured it’d be a good time as any to ask y’all about it. Obviously, the opinions expressed are my own.


  1. says

    Gosh, I hate to even say… we were together about 6 months before getting married. Thursday is our 12 year anniversary – so, in my opinion time doesn’t matter. I know people that dated for YEARS and YEARS before getting married and the marriage didn’t last as long as the relationship. :-(

  2. Crystal & Co. says

    You need to do everything on your timetable and your boyfriend’s timetable. You have your entire life to decide when to become engaged, when to get married, when to buy your first house, when to have a baby, etc.

    People are so crazy to me…. as soon as you get married their next question will be when are you going to have babies. Mark my word!

  3. says

    We were engaged after 7 months, which is far from the norm. But why should there be a norm?

    You’ll get married when you’re ready. Don’t let people make you feel like there’s something “wrong” with the picture. Every couple is different.

    A good marriage lasts forever. There’s no need to follow anyone’s clock but your own.

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