Chocolate Dipped Linzer Heart Cookies Review

Send Them Cookies Box

I just received the adorable box pictured above from UPS. When I opened it, I found this lovely looking bag of cookies…

Those cookies came from the wonderful site Send Them Cookies! Send Them Cookies has a lovely story. It’s run by 2 brothers (Evan and Paul) and they use their mother’s recipes. They’ve been open since 1976 and they added Paul’s son Brett to the business in 1994. Isn’t that simply amazing? I love family businesses like that!

Now, back to the cookies! Haha! Look at what I found 20 of in the bag…

Chocolate Dipped Linzer Heart Cookies

They are Chocolate Dipped Linzer Heart Cookies! What an awesome name for a cookie! I’ve actually been called Linzer and I have Linzer in several of my site usernames. However, I had never tried a Linzer cookie before. In case you are like me and don’t know what a Linzer cookie is, it’s a cookie with raspberry preserve in it! Yummy! Just look at the wonderful amount of raspberry in these cookies!

Raspberry Linzer Cookie

These cookies are simply delicious! I actually gave my father one without telling him exactly what it was. He said that it reminded him of a cookie he had when he was a child. I asked if it was a Linzer cookie and he said he didn’t remember it being called that. He went on to joke that he’s so old that when he was young, cookies didn’t have specific names, rather all of them were just cookies. Haha! I love my dad. Either way, he really enjoyed the cookie and I like it when I find something that reminds him of his younger days, because that usually means it’s something good. 😀

I also allowed my mom to try them. She said it was different and good. She said they didn’t taste like what she thought they would. She doesn’t eat that much fruit (or even fruit-flavored things). So, the fact she ate a whole cookie was nice.

I am enjoying these cookies. They cookies aren’t too soft or too hard, they are just right. The chocolate is wonderful, too. I really like the raspberry flavor as well.

I’m really impressed with Send Them Cookies. Such a great company with awesome cookies!

Disclosure: I received free cookies. No compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own.


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    I didn’t know the name of this type of cookie, but I’ve eaten them and enjoyed them. Sounds like Send Them Cookies has a great business plan!

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