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You probably know you can find art supplies at Michael’s, but did you know you can create jewelry from supplies found there? Thanks to my Lucky Alpha Shopper status, I had a chance to make some jewelry from Michael’s recently. I purchased the supplies above to make some lovely earrings. I actually don’t wear much jewelry, but I love earrings. I have fat fingers which rings won’t fit and I tend to play with a necklace if I wear one. So I decided to make earrings.

I’m also not that artistic or good at crafts. I enjoy doing them, but I’m not very good. So, I admit it, I took the easy way with this project. I selected some actual wire earrings with some hearts and jewels to add to them. Haha! It was super easy, which is good for me. Here, you can see the end results from the above materials.

Michaels Earrings

I think they are cute! I just love the hearts. I think there’s one for every outfit or event. What do you think of them?

You can create many types of statement piece jewelry at Michaels. Plus, here is a Michael’s Coupon for you to get started with. So, have you ever been to Michael’s? What did you think or like about the store?

Disclosure: I received a free gift card to Michael’s. The opinions expressed are my own.


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