Tom Bihn Travel Bag Review

Tom Bihn Travel Bag

So, when I realized I was going to be flying for the Green Giant Valley Visit, I knew I needed to find a bag suitable for the trip. However, I didn’t feel like paying the $25 checked baggage fee Delta charges. I wanted a bag that was small enough to carry-on the airplane but big enough to carry all of my stuff for the trip. Then, I discovered Tom Bihn travel bags.

The Tom Bihn travel bags fit my needs/wants. I received the wonderful Aeronaut Maximum Carry-On Travel Bag. This thing is just barely under the maximum size allowed on the plane. So, it’s the perfect size for a couple of days away. I thought it was great when I was packing to go the valley. However, I became more impressed with it when I was able to cram everything in it when I returned home. Haha!

The big was able to carry EVERYTHING! 😀 I rolled up my clothing and fit them in my boots. I put by tote bag from the visit in the bottom of the bag. Then, I placed my boots in the bag and layed my jeans and jacket around them. I used the side zipped compartments to carry my other pair of shoes, my id, money, iPod, headphones, etc. The zipper pouch inside was great for additional storage. I was really impressed with the bag. The bag can be carried as a backpack and it has handles on one side. So, there are many ways to carry it.

I also received the absolute shoulder strap which is pictured above on the lower right. It is a very strong and sturdy strap, which is great for a heavy load. The ONLY remotely bad thing I have to say about this brand is that the strap is flexible, which seems nice and comfortable. However, it did make the bag hang kind of low for my liking. Then again, I’m short. Haha!

I’m in love with this bag. If I get a chance to do more traveling, it will be my first bag of choice. It is such a high quality bag that is durable. I mean I think the simple fact it lasted my trip without any incidents is a sign of how wonderful it really is. I can’t praise it enough. :)

Disclosure: I received the bag for free. No compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own.


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    Sounds like a great bag for conferences. I have a large purse and it digs into my shoulder so the option of carrying the bag by backpack sounds promising for me.

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