Glee Second Season Review

Glee Season 2 Cover

Last month I held a Glee: Complete Second Season DVD Giveaway because it came out on September 13th. So, now, I’m happy to give you my review of the season.

As you already know, the second season of Glee covered many topics. I was glad to watch a show which highlighted these causes. I mean if young people watch something, then they are going to talk about it. So, I think it’s great that a popular show can get people to talk about things such as bullying and sexuality. I mean those are really important issues to a young person. So, it’s great that a show can bring up these issues for us.

I also really enjoyed some of the music and videos. One of my favorite episodes, as far as music goes, was the Brittney/Brittany episode. I was really impressed with Glee’s cast performances. Some of the music videos looked just like the real thing. Plus, the cameo made it even better. I just love when Glee re-creates those videos and does a great job of it. Plus, it was fun getting to listen to some of the music.

I also enjoyed catching up with some of my old favorite characters and storyline. I watched the first season of Glee almost religiously. However, the second season was on during another one of my favorite shows which I was afraid would be cancelled soon. So, I watched the other show. That other show is now going into its final season. So, clearly, I made the right decision since I was lucky enough to receive this DVD to review.

This season of Glee was nothing less than what I would expect from the show. With all of my favorite characters, songs, actors, storyline, and more. It truly is a great show.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of the Glee on DVD. No compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own.


  1. pammypam says

    It sounds enjoyable. I”m not much of a tv watcher, but my daughter likes the show. maybe this would be a good stocking stuffer!

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