Holiday Greetings from Green Giant

Since going on the Green Giant Valley Visit, I’ve been keeping y’all updated on all things Green Giant. Since I’ve been doing the holiday gift guide and I just finished up the semester last night, I am really getting in the Christmas spirit. So, when I discovered this adorable holiday greeting video from Green Giant, I knew I had to share. Isn’t it awesome and cute?

I also thought I’d share a few great holiday recipes with you. For starters, how about this lovely holiday beans and cranberries recipe? You can also try the Three-Bean Christmas Chili recipe. However, I think the most delicious looking one is the holiday appetizer wreath. Yummy! Those recipes can allow you to enjoy the holidays while possibly sneaking in some vegetables. ;)

So, what did you think of the video? Who do you think did a better job in the Ho-Ho-Ho Challenge, the Green Giant or Santa?

Disclosure: Green Giant paid for my trip to Minnesota earlier this year. However, I am posting this because I like it.


  1. Can you make me that wreath? LOL

  2. Cute video. Thanks for the recipes.

  3. I totally want to make that wreath now! Loved the video :)

  4. cute greeting! I’d LOVE to make that green bean/cranberry recipe!! Thanks for those recipes.

    annae07 at aol dot com

  5. someone has GOT to make that wreath!

  6. Shannon Stephens says:

    Oh my! Please don’t let my husband know there is such a thing as 3 bean Christmas Chili. We will never have anything traditional again! lol

  7. Love it! Yummy recipes, too. I love Shannon saying “dont let my husband know” about the 3 bean Christmas Chili!

    So fun. Hope you had a great semester at school. ENjoy your break.

  8. That video is adorable. And the chili sounds life-changing!!

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