Lovable Labels Coupon Code 2012

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Exactly a year ago today, I announced that I was a Lovable Labels Love Bug and posted my Lovable Labels Coupon Code. I am excited to tell you that Lovable Labels has decided to renew my membership for another year! Yay! 😀 This means I can still offer the wonderful coupon to you guys and hopefully bring you some more giveaways! Woot!

Lovable Labels Coupon Code

I want to point out that when you use the code, not only can you save $$, but you help me earn more prizes for you guys! So, it’s like getting extra labels for free! 😀 Now, on to what you really want. I have a special code for you to save 10% off your next purchase from Lovable Labels! That code is:


So, go to Lovable Labels for all of your label needs.

Disclosure: I received free labels for being a Love Bug. However, I was not required to post anything about it on my blog. No compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own.


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