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Wow! It’s already 2012 and I’ve been on Nutrisystem for ten weeks now! Time sure is flying by. That being said, I thought I would talk about something a little different in this week’s post for it. I think that when I first started trying to get healthier, I mentioned that I was trying to avoid future health issues and get healthier in general. So, I figured I would talk about that.

I believe I have mentioned it several times on here that my dad is and has been in bad health for years now. So, there are an array of health problems I am always on the lookout for (diabetes, eye sight problems, kidney failure, etc.). Thankfully, I have been able to avoid those things. However, I have had hypertension and have been on high blood pressure medication since I was 16. I even have an accelerated heart rate. It is because of these issues and my genes that I have to go to my general doctor every 6 months or so. My doctor likes to check up on my heart rate, blood pressure, etc in case we need to change my medication or something.

I make my appointments when I am on break for college. So, I went for my checkup last week. Upon arrival, one of the first things the nurse does is weigh me. This time, the nurse pointed out that I had lost 9 pounds since my last doctor visit! Then, she proceeded to tell me that she was going to note this in my file. Now, it’s important to point out that this nurse had never met me before as she is somewhat new there. Nonetheless, she then asked me if I was there for a checkup on my weight! :O I wasn’t sure if I should be happy that she was so impressed with my weight loss or upset because she assumed that my doctor had me on a weight loss regime. Either way, I told her that it was my blood pressure and to get a refill on my pills. Next, she informed me that nine pound loss should change my BMI. She couldn’t get the computer to work right or tell me what it changed to (or from). However, the nurse did seem pretty pleased with my weight change. Plus, when she checked my blood pressure, it was 114/70-something that I can’t remember!

My doctor did inquire about the weight loss and congratulated me on it. Then, she told me something she had never said before. You see, that blood pressure reading was actually in the “desirable” range and was significantly lower than it has been. Also, my heart rate was doing pretty good. So, she said that if I was able to lose some more weight and keep my stress down (somewhat of an unlikely thing), that it might be possible to get me off of my medication! Granted, she said it might not be possible either. However, the fact that she was so impressed with the weight loss and reading made my day.

I have Nutrisystem to think for some of that weight loss (around 5 pounds). So, I think it’s important to pay attention to the benefits or gains I’ve received from this wonderful journey, and not just the scale. 😀

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Disclosure: I am receiving Nutrisystem foods for free. No compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own.

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