Energizer USB Car Charger Review

Energizer 10W USB Charger Car

Being the young person that I am, I have several little electronic gadgets. I love my iPod Touch! However, I hate having to find time to charge my stuff. I mean it’s no fun at all to have a device die on you while you are driving down the road listening to it. So, when I heard that one of my favorite brands came out with a new product to help me, I gladly accepted the opportunity to try it out.

Energizer recently launched your portable power solution with its Universal USB Chargers, turning any car or wall outlet in to your own personal charging station. The Energizer® Universal USB Chargers, compact and lightweight for easy portability, make charging all of your handheld electronic devices possible while on the go. These smartly –designed chargers work with the USB cords you already own, giving you a way to streamline your charging needs when in the car, at home or on vacation. Simply plug in to any wall or car outlet for fast, convenient charging of multiple devices simultaneously regardless of manufacturer.

Since I can already charge my stuff at home, I selected the Energizer® 10W USB Car Charger and Cable to review. This one quickly and simply converts any auto DC outlet into a USB charging station! So, I can charge my iPod in my car instead of having to wait until I get home to listen to my tunes again. It also includes Apple® certified dock connector USB cable which means you know that it will work with Apple products (such as an iPod or iPad). With spring/summer break quickly approaching and perhaps a couple of trips coming up, now is the perfect time to get this product.

I must say I like the slim design that sits flush with my auto dashboard. This thing literally takes up little to no space. So, if you have a small car or a lot of stuff in it, this is the perfect charger for you. The black color makes it look stylish, I think. Plus, it goes better with my iPod Touch than a white cord. Haha! It definitely looks sleek and pretty in my Honda. 😀

Plus, since it’s from Energizer, I trust it to work when I need it to. I’m sure this charger will last a while for me since it is such high quality and a name brand. So, if you are looking for a car charger for your electronic device (especially Apple), then you need to check this one out.

Disclosure: I received a free Energizer USB Car Charger. No compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Maryann D. says

    I do like Energizer Products and this sounds great. My kids would love to be able to charge their IPod in the car, this would save a lot of time for them and how convenient. What a terrific product.

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