First Week Student Teaching Middle School

Two weeks ago, I told you that I was going into my last week of student teaching kindergarten. Well, this past week I moved on to my second placement for student teaching – middle school! I have been looking forward to this placement since last semester as I’ve had an interest in middle school for sometime. I even observed in seventh grade civics once and really liked it.

Needless to say, I was tickled pink to be placed in a seventh grade civics and economics class in addition to being placed with special education mentors. This placement will be a little different than the last one. I am going to be shadowing my civics mentor for the day-to-day routine and teaching. Then, I will be leaving the classroom to be in meetings and witness the paperwork in special ed. So far, I love my placement! 😀 This is a much better fit for me (which I already knew it would be). I love being able to give the students some freedom and joking with them. Granted, the kindergartners were cute. However, I never was truly happy there.

This placement has been enjoyable thus far and seems very promising. My mentors are encouraging yet honest about my teaching performance. They are extremely helpful and caring. I am so looking forward to finishing out my student teaching experience with these people. I have learned so much and it’s only the first week.

So, do you have any suggestions for dealing with middle schoolers? Haha! I honestly don’t think they are that bad (yet). I just thought someone might be able to provide some nice tips.


  1. says

    I teach high school, but did teach middle school for a couple of years. I prefer high school hands down. There is less drama and the material is more challenging. However, if middle school is somewhere you truly want to be, it can be a good fit :) Good luck!

  2. says

    I’m happy that you are looking forward to student teach at middle school. I’m not going to be negative because it sounds like you have experienced people who are going to guide you.

  3. Judy B. says

    I am so glad you like this placement. Good teacher for middle schoolers are soooo valuable. A very important but difficult age. Thank God for people like you. I used to sub in middle school and it was absolutely not for me. So, I think I would have no good pointers for you. lol

  4. says

    YOU are so special. Middle schoolers give me a headache. It takes a special person to work with them. Glad you’re enjoying!

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