Bed Head Curlipop Styling Tool Giveaway


I don’t curl my hair very often. I tend to straighten it most of the time. However, when I do curl my hair, I hate when I get the weird indent in my hair from the clamp on the styling tool. Plus, sometimes the spring will act weird. Recently, I discovered a new styling tool from Bed Head that puts a new spin on the typical curling iron. It’s called a Curlipop. I selected the pretty red one above to feature. Here is some info on it…

1” Tourmaline Ceramic Hourglass Styling Iron – Can’t decide if you want tight or loose curls? Have them both. This 1” candy apple red hourglass styling iron creates loose curls at the ends and tight curls in the middle. The result is volume that just won’t quit.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from this thing. I will admit, it took some getting used to. I mean I’m so used to being able to just close the clamp on a curling iron. However, with this one, you wrap your hair around it and hold it yourself. Thankfully, each Curlipop comes with a heat protective styling glove that you can wear while fixing your hair. The picture on the left below is my hand with the glove on.

The picture on the right is of my hair after I curled it using my new tool. Like I said, I didn’t really know what to expect. My hair didn’t come out as curly as I thought it would. I guess I’m more of a tightly curled kind of person. It could be because my hair is naturally kind of wavy and that annoys me. I want my hair to be either straight or curly. Haha!

Bed Head Curlipop

Overall, I think it’s a neat concept. I like the freedom it brings to curling my hair. I also LOVE the color of it. I guess I just need to work with it more and get used to it. Now, a lucky reader will get to experience a Curlipop for themselves.


1 Laughing Lindsay reader will win a Bed Head Curlipop!


Disclosure: I received a free Curlipop. No compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own.


  1. says

    I’d like to have an easier way to curl my hair!! Using a regular curling iron takes forever, this would be faster and probably give my hair a better curl!

  2. Sara Cardinal says

    i really need a tool such as this because my hair is so hard to style. i feel like this may work!

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