Dansko Kitty Shoes Review

Dansko Shoes

Since I am student teaching, I have realized how hard it is to find a comfortable pair of dress shoes. I want something that is supportive and can take me walking/standing all day. However, I can’t wear a pair of sneakers either. It has to look good with a pair of dress pants. So, I’ve been looking for some shoes that I could wear and came across Dansko shoes. Dansko makes stylish shoes that also appear to be comfortable or at least reasonably so.

Imagine my delight when they agreed to send me a pair to try! I selected the Dansko Kitty Shoe for a few reasons. For starters, I wanted a closed-toe shoe since I’m not sure of the county’s policy on such things. Secondly, I wanted something that looked dressy without being too dressy and the details on this shoe are perfect for that. I also knew I wanted the shoe to be in black because my wardrobe for the school consists of black dress pants and cute tops.

The two pictures above are of me in actual outfits I wore to the school with the shoes on. The picture on the right is actually of me wearing the Fresh Produce Clothing Shirt that I reviewed last month. Like I said, I’m a black dress pants kind of girl, especially during the colder months. I did change it up by wearing black socks in the picture on the left as I normally wear black socks with my dress shoes to school. However, on the right, it was a warmer (and shorter) day. So, I went without socks. You can see that it looks great either way.

Needless to say, these shoes look great. I love the detail on the front of the top of the shoe. It sticks out nicely from a pair of pants. They even look great with a pair of jeans (you know, for a date or something). I also think I could wear these shoes with a nice, springy skirt (when it’s warmer). However, I must comment on the comfort level of these shoes. They are made out of milled leather which means they are soft against my feet. I have had some shoes rub my feet. These don’t do that since they are so soft. Plus, the insole is really nice. It is supportive yet cushioning. It leaves my feet feeling fine at the end of a long day.

I am definitely in love with Dansko now. I am looking at getting additional pairs for different seasons and occasions now. They are perfect for running errands or managing a classroom. Do you own any pairs of Dansko shoes? What did you think of them?

Disclosure: I received a free pair of Dansko shoes. No compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own.


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    I really like them because you could dress them up or down. I hate buying a pair of shoes I can’t enjoy very often.

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    These are great shoes especially if you are going to be going all day like you do! Maybe a teacher invented them 😉

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