eBags Piazza Brand Spring Colors Arrive

Lucca Satchel Peacock

eBags has a wide selection of bags in multiple sizes and colors. They even have an in house brand called Piazza. If you are like me, then you are wondering what in the world this brand is about and why it has such an interesting name. So, here is some information for you.

Italian piazzas are known for their graceful and stylish architecture, elegant fountains and sculptures, and liveliness and immense charm that are uniquely and totally Italian. So it’s no wonder that when the company behind Piazza handbags set out to name their classically inspired handbags, they chose to name them after these lovely settings that have served as gathering places for centuries.

There are 8 different Piazza handbags. Each one is made with genuine leather. Just in time for spring, they are adding 4 new colors of handbags to the collection! They will be available starting April 20 and are currently available for pre-order. The new and beautiful colors include Warm White, Peacock, Rich Red, and Olive Green! I love the white and peacock colors! The peacock is shown above in their wonderful looking Lucca Satchel which I think is great with all of its compartments to put things.

Ava Hobo Warm White

This Aba Hobo looks wonderful in white. I would worry that I would get it dirty quickly though. However, I think it looks fabulous and classy. All of the Piazza bags would make for a wonderful graduation gift. 😉 I mean there’s no better way to start a new chapter in life than with a new bag to carry all of your essentials in. You can even follow along with the Pinterest board celebrating spring colors (including the ones from Piazza).

I think all of the Piazza bags look great. The leather should mean it will last and all of the places to store my stuff is appealing too. I am loving these new spring colors. So, do you own a Piazza bag? Which is your favorite bag or color from the collection?

Disclosure: I will receive a free Piazza bag as a thank you gift for posting this. No compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own.


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