Green Giant SteamCrisp Corn Review

Green Giant SteamCrisp

Last year I was lucky enough to go to the Green Giant Valley Visit. I even did a post entitled what I learned at the Green Giant Valley Visit because the visit was so informational. One of the things I was pleased to find out is that Green Giant is always attempting to be more eco-friendly by looking for ways to cut back on what they waste and using packging/products that are better.

In March, Green Giant released a new product that is more environmentally friendly in stores. It’s called SteamCrisp. Here is some info on it:

SteamCrisp corn is 100% natural and perfectly steam-cooked in the can. The SteamCrisp vacuum-packing technology offers the same amount of corn as our standard can of corn with less water and less packaging, so it’s easier on the environment and takes up less pantry space.

I was sent two cans of this new variety to try with my family. Sadly, my mom seized the can of niblets and fixed them one night when I wasn’t home. She did apologize because she thought it was just an ordinary can of Green Giant corn. I guess that is a good thing. I know that sometimes company’s say that the product hasn’t changed, just the look of it or the packaging when you can tell a difference. However, my parents said it tasted just like the corn they are used to having (which is delicious Green Giant corn). I did try this corn during my visit and it tastes great. I was able to have a meal with my parents which featured the SteamCrisp Mexicorn. This is a good corn to change things up a bit. It taste like regular corn but with a bit more punch to it. My mom and I really liked it.

The new SteamCrisp corn from Green Giant is a great way to add vegetables to your meal while being more environmentally friendly. Have you seen it in stores near you? If you tried it, what did you think of it?

Disclosure: I received two free cans of Green Giant SteamCrisp corn and General Mills/Green Giant paid for my trip to the Valley last year. The opinions expressed are my own.


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    I really want to try the Mexicorn. Corn is one of the few veggies my kids all agree on, and it would go great with some of the Mexican dishes that I serve regularly. YUM!

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