Shot at Life Summer Blog Carnival

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While at Type A, I had the opportunity to stop by the Shot at Life booth. They were the official cause of the conference and they are part of the United Nations Foundation. While at the booth, I signed up to participate in their Summer Blog Carnival. I received the picture above, a fact, and a milestone to write my post about.

The picture: Above is the picture I drew. It is entitled “Laughs and smiles in Myanmar!”

The fact:

Since day one the UN Foundation has worked with the UN to make the world a safer, healthier, and better place particulary for women and children. The UN Foundation’s work in global health – including vaccines, reproductive health, clean cookstoves, malaria, and mobile technology all contribute to slashing preventable deaths – by 70 percent – within one generation.

The milestone: Crossing the finish line

I’m going to guess that those children are happy because they received help from the Shot @ Life organization (which is a part of the UN Foundation) which can help them reach the finish line safely. Thanks to the work of Shot at Life, children are now able to live healthier lives that allow them to set their own goals and to achieve them. I encourage you to look at Shot @ Life and to see if you can get involved in anyway if at all possible. I mean children need us and we should help them.

Disclosure: Those participating in the Shot @ Life Summer Blog Carnival are entered to win a chance to appear in Real Simple magazine. However, I would post about this kind of anything anyways. The opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Lynne says

    Thank you for highlighting A Shot At Life. I work in the medical research field. Without getting into a big discussion about vaccinations (I personally know some parents who are VEHEMENTLY opposed to them….let’s just say I’m not), I see the research and I know what a blessing and help it is for children in other countries to be able to get these vaccines and how greatly it improves their chances to live to adulthood.

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