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Well, it’s a new week. So, that means it’s time for another week of results in the Discover Fan Loyalty Poll. So far, we’ve covered fan superstitions, missing work for free game tickets and last week I posted the Fan Wagers Giveaway. That giveaway is live until November 24th. So, be sure to enter it for your chance to win $25 in Discover gift cards. Also, you can find out what fans would be willing to wager that their team will win the championship.

This week, the topic was which late night tv show host people would want to sing the national anthem at the game. The big winner was Jay Leno with 22%. Right behind him with 20% was Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kemmel had 12 percent. That was followed by David Letterman with 10 percent and Conan O’Brien at 9 percent. It’s worth pointing out that 27 percent of poll takers voted “Not sure.” Personally, I think Jimmy Fallon is great when he does impersonations when he sings. So, I would probably vote for him or not sure.

This week’s poll also asked fans which celebrity they’d want to crash their next tailgate or gameday party. Funnyman Will Ferrell and movie star Matthew McConaughey tied as most popular, each earning 24% of the fan votes, with the below celebrities rounding out the rest:
Singer/songwriter/actress, Beyonce, 13 percent, Actor/comedian, Ashton Kutcher, 12 percent, and NBA all-star player, Lebron James, 9 percent.

Discover Fan Loyalty Poll Infographic -- Late Show  Celebrity

There was also a shake-up in the team rankings this week as Alabama had been ranked # 1 for the past 10 weeks. However, Oregon took over this week. Take a look at this week’s rankings.

· Oregon, 25 percent

· Alabama, 17 percent

· Kansas State, 15 percent

· Notre Dame, 13 percent

· Texas A&M, 4 percent

· Florida, 3 percent

· Georgia, 3 percent

· Louisiana State University, 3 percent

· Some other team, 10 percent

· Not sure, 6 percent

So, do you agree with this week’s Discover Fan Loyalty Poll results? Which late night tv show host would you like to sing the national anthem at the game? Which celebrity would you want to crash your party?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. The opinions expressed are my own.


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