World Vision Eco Cold Cup Donation

cold cup tumbler

Last year, I was pleased to do a World Vision Coffee Gift Set Giveaway for the holidays. This year, I am pleased to partner with World Vision again. As you know, you can make purchases from their site and a large portion of your money will be donated to a good cause. So, you can get something for yourself and give to others. Plus, if you purchase a gift for a loved one this year, you are really giving to lots of people.

This year, I want to highlight their Eco Cold Cup. It is one of those neat cold beverage cups I’ve seen everyone else carrying around. However, it’s way cooler because it’s for World Vision. It comes with a handy orange straw to brighten things up and a clear straw that’s great to have just in case. It’s a 16 oz. BPA-free tumbler and it’s perfect for carrying around a cool beverage (it’s better than wasting disposable ones). So, it’s also eco-friendly.

As I mentioned, your purchase/donation helps those in need. By purchasing an eco cold cup, your money goes to the Maximum Impact Fund. This fund uses its resources to help women and children in struggling places around the world. So, your reach goes beyond just the local area. You help others across the world who need it the most.

Stay tuned for your chance to win an eco cold cup from the upcoming Noise Girls Winter Gift Guide Event. 😀

Disclosure: I received a free Eco Cold Cup. No compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Marthalynn says

    I really like this cold cup! I have so many travel mugs for hot beverages, but I’ve been looking for one for cold beverages. And I love that the purchase helps those around the world. Putting this on my wishlist!

  2. Andrea Williams says

    I use one of those cold cups all the time, so having it help a good cause is an added plus!

  3. chelesa sims says

    I really like this cup. What a great organization.The products are nice also . I like how with every purchase you are also helping those that really need help

  4. Rachel says

    I gave some world vision goats for my parents as a gift one Christmas…..great gift ideas on there for the person on your list who doesn’t need anything!

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