Origami Owl Custom Charm Locket Necklace Review

Origami Owl Necklace Locket

You might have noticed that I haven’t been doing as many reviews and giveaways. That’s because I’m being pickier about which products I accept now. That way, you know I’m only highlighting the best products out there and it gives me time to blog about things that I really enjoy. One of the very few products that I’ve gotten recently is one of the customize-able necklace lockets from Origami Owl. These necklaces feature a locket with charms inside.

These necklaces provide the wearer with many options. You could definitely create a new necklace for each new milestone or event in life with all of the charm options. I was very impressed with the choices available. I may purchase charms in the future to change out my necklace and to remember something else. However, for this Origami Owl necklace, I wanted something that I would enjoy for years to come that fit me and my personality perfectly.

I went with silver (they also have gold) because I tend to wear silver over gold. I wear silver hoop earrings virtually everyday (except for special occasions). I also wear a silver watch. I hope I get a silver engagement ring in the future, too. So, I wanted a necklace that would not clash with my other jewelry.

Then, the fun part began. I was allowed to select three different charms for my necklace. For obvious reasons, I immediately picked a cupcake one. It’s adorable. Then, I picked the October heart birthstone. That one is a little more meaningful. My father’s birthday was in October. So, I wanted to remember him and his heart with this charm. Lastly, I chose a flower because it’s simple and we all like flowers.

Origami Owl Locket

So, what do you think of my Origami Owl necklace? Do you own one? Additionally, you can like Paula Hebner Origami Owl on Facebook to enter giveaways and receive specials when you place your orders.

Disclosure: I received a free Origami Owl customized charm locket necklace. No compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Maryann D. says

    I have ordered a Origami Owl charm locket for myself. I selected a dog and cat, paw and angle wing charm for mine- in honor of my special pets that I had. I also ordered a locket and charms for a co-worker retiring. I think they are a wonderful, and personal gift. I love it!

  2. Emily Lehmann says

    My sister Kristina sells Origami Owl! I’ve helped her with some of the conventions and such, they’re a really great company. I love them. :)

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