I Still Blog: Happy Four Year Blog Anniversary to Me

So many different things have happened in the world and to me over the past four years. It’s hard to believe that I did my first post as Laughing Lindsay exactly four years ago today. Even with all of the changes, I still blog.

I still blog

I Still Blog

I originially started blogging with little to no knowledge about how all of this stuff worked. I just thought I’d put up some posts and be good to go. I had no clue about SEO or how much work would it be to keep blogging. I started blogging on a summer day after I’d spent several days entering giveaways on other blogs and becoming jealous. Haha! I’m not exactly proud of my reasoning for beginning to blog. However, it has definitely grown into much more than that. I still blog for a multitude of reasons.

I still blog for connections. Yes, I love working with brands. However, now I’m talking about different connections. Over the past couple of years, I’ve managed to form some pretty tight relationships with my fellow bloggers. I talk to my online friends more often than I do my friends from real life. It’s sad to think how empty my life would be without my blogging friends.

I still blog because of the connection I have with my readers (you). I am probably the worst at responding to comments. However, every comment on the personal posts gets read. This blog has become my outlet for grieving the loss of my dad. I’ve sort of been avoiding most people in real life (for multiple reasons). Not to mention, 99% of my friends from college/high school still have their dads. So, I truly cherish the comments where a reader tells me that they know what I’m talking about without judging me. I’m thankful for the opportunity to share my story (or bits of it) with anyone who reads this site and to create a relationship with you.

I still blog because it helps me. Blogging helps me deal with my life in general. Sometimes, I just want to be distracted from life’s disappointments. So, writing a nice review can be just the ticket to “get away” from it all for a little while. It gives me something else to concentrate on. I think people who judge review bloggers, might not have considered that aspect of it (I’m not saying we all do it for that reason, but I know it’s part of mine).

So, happy four year blog anniversary to me and to you. Thank you for allowing me to make Laughing Lindsay the site it is today. You’ve helped me in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine. You’re the reason I still blog. :-)


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    We love you too Lindsay and if you were closer my Dad would be happy to let you lean on his shoulder! Happy 4th Blogiversary!

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    Congratulations on 4 years! That is an awesome accomplishment.
    Hugs, and sorry for the loss of your Dad. I lost mine when I was young, 28 yrs old. So I can relate to “missing Daddy.” I also “get” the get away thing – for sure!! =D

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