Super Fast Body Blast DVD Workout from Ellen Barrett

This post on the Super Fast Body Blast workout from Ellen Barrett was made possible by the free copy of the DVD I received.

Last year, I was lucky enough to feature the Ellen Barrett Live: Power Fusion Workout DVD and the Ellen Barrett Live: Grace + Gusto DVD. I loved both of those workouts and was ecstatic to receive a couple more of her DVDs. Today, I want to talk about the Super Fast Body Blast workout from her that I’ve been doing.

Super Fast Body Blast

Super Fast Body Blast

With those last two workouts, I realized that I was a fan of Ellen Barrett. So, I was looking forward to trying out her style once again with Super Fast Body Blast. This one calls for no workout equipment or shoes. So, I was immediately on board. Plus, I liked the sound of using big ranges of motion to crank up the cardio while going easy on the joints. Not to mention, a 30-minute workout seems totally doable in a hectic schedule.

Once again, Ellen was able to create a fun yet challenging workout. I loved the dance-like feel to the moves. They flowed well together and they built upon one another to form an entire routine. I did get a little tired of the repetition at times, but I knew that it was doing a good job of sculpting and building muscles without being overly difficult. All of the moves were really easy to do. She even modified a couple of them so that people with injuries could do them easily. Other moves were so easy, anyone could do them (hello, happy feet). About half-way into the workout, I could already feel myself sweating even though I didn’t feel strained. It’s a really nice way to workout, for sure. Now, one of you will get to try Super Fast Body Blast too.


One Laughing Lindsay reader will win a copy of Ellen Barrett Live: Super Fast Body Blast workout on DVD!


Disclosure: I received a free copy of the Super Fast Body Blast workout on DVD.


  1. Ellen says

    I need all the help I can get to get in shape. This looks perfect. Thanks for offering the giveaway. :)

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