Health Food Subscription Box from Bestowed: Monthly Treats Delivered

I know there are several monthly services popping up these days and it’s easy to see why. Who wouldn’t want a box of random goodies delivered right to their door once a month? How about a health food subscription box though? Thanks to a free month’s worth, I’m happy to tell you about this new one (Disclosure: I received a free box).

health food subscription

Health Food Subscription

I love to receive goodies in the mail (obviously). However, I’m always hesitant to sign up for any monthly services as I never know if it will contain something I’ll actually enjoy. Plus, I don’t want to receive a box full of stuff I’m going to feel bad about eating (or wasting). That’s why I was interested in trying Bestowed, a health food subscription box that is delivered monthly. All of the items are hand selected by celebrity nutritionist and author Heather Bauer. So, you can be sure that the treats won’t be the typical “junk” other boxes provide. Additionally, each box contains 5+ items, so you know you will be able to find at least one thing you like.

I received their July box and was pretty excited about it. The package I received is pictured above. It contained 6 different items, including: Happy Family Happy Squeeze Smoothies, Balance Bar Dark Chocolate, ips Egg White Chips, iTrain $50 gift card, Artisana Organic Foods Superfood Acai Berry Nut Butter, and Oloves Mediterranean Olives. Of those items, my favorites were the iTrain gift card and the Balance Bar. You know all about journey to stay active. So, the iTrain gift card will come in handy to get something to keep me moving on my elliptical. I like the Balance Bar because I love chocolate. Yum!

I shared the rest of this health food subscription box with my boyfriend. I’m not a fan of acai flavored things and the smoothie as well as nut butter contained it. So, I immediately gave those to him. I tried the ips with him. We agreed it had a bit of a strong pepper flavor to it. However, they definitely seemed like regular chips (in a good way). So, I’m looking forward to trying other flavors. Lastly, I don’t like olives. So, those went to him as well. The boyfriend seemed pleased with my leftovers, which proves that there’s something for everyone in a Bestowed box.


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