Sweat Unlimited with Sara Haley Workout DVD

Now that my posts for the elliptical are over, I’m happy to return to featuring workout DVDs. I really enjoy the variety and intensity they provide. Recently, I’ve been trying a new workout for review that has been kicking my butt. It’s called Sweat Unlimited with Sara Haley and it’s a full-body workout dvd.

sweat unlimited

Sweat Unlimited

In Sweat Unlimited, Sara Haley features five (5) different workouts of varying lengths. My favorite is the 30 minute Sweat Cardio. It consists of Pop, Rock & Drop moves that feel like dances moves. So, it’s fun yet fast-paced. I also really enjoy the 5 minute bonus Sweat Stretch as it’s a great workout to relax muscles and relieve soreness. It’s great to just rejuvenate with at the end of the day or after one of the other workouts on the DVD.

The remaining 3 workouts were pretty difficult for me. The 5 minutes Sweat Extreme is a very fast and effective workout that targets the entire body in a short amount of time. I didn’t think it was possible to work so hard in such a little time frame, but it was pretty intense. I liked the 15 minutes of Sweat Strength since it’s meant to accomplish a total body sculpting in a short time span. Once again, I was surprised by how quickly and hard a short workout could be. Lastly, there’s the 45 minute Sweat Box session. It’s a Tabata-inspired interval workout that alternates between boxing drills and core exercises. I found it to be the hardest workout on the DVD and could definitely see why the DVD is called Sweat Unlimited since I sweated so much doing it.

I would consider Sweat Unlimited a challenging, no nonsense workout DVD. Sara works to provides various levels of intensity with each move, so you can definitely work your way up with this DVD. I loved that there are so many different options of times to workout so I don’t have any excuses not to workout. It’s the perfect workout DVD for a busy person.


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