Top Posts of 2013 at Laughing Lindsay: What Was Popular

It’s only human to look back over a year and see what happened, so I’ve decided to look at my top posts of 2013 to see which things received the most traffic this year. Take a look at the posts that were the most visited at Laughing Lindsay this year.

top posts of 2013

Top Posts of 2013

I went into Google Analytics to pull up my traffic for the year. Then, I looked at specific pages to see which ones brought me the most traffic. So, I figured I’d share the results with you to see if you were as surprised as I was with them.

My Top Posts of 2013 – Minus Giveaways

  1. How to Know if Someone Has Hacked Your Yahoo Email – This was my top post overall for the whole year! It brings me consistent traffic everyday. It’s odd to me that a tutorial from 2011 is still bringing this much traffic, but I’m good with it.
  2. Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips Review – Again, what is with these 2011 posts bringing the traffic?
  3. Saving Zasha Book Review – I get search traffic for this one pretty often, but it’s also from 2011!
  4. Dasani Drops Liquid Flavor Enhancer Review – This is a review from 2012 that is still doing pretty good with traffic.
  5. Prevage Clinical Lash Brow Enhancing Serum Review – Yet another review from 2012.
  6. A Letter to My Mom on Her Birthday – I had to go to top 6 posts just to pull up a post from 2013 getting good traffic. At least this one was a personal post.

Is it bad that my top posts of 2013 were actually posts written in 2011 and 2012? I’m not sure what that means. Although, I will admit that my frequency of posts has declined greatly over the past year. After dad’s death, I realized that I would rather spend time with friends and family than blog. Then, I got a job and the frequency declined further. So, perhaps this means that I need to work on posting more? Gah. If only I had more free time.

What do you think of my top posts of 2013?


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    Some of my top posts for 2013 were posts from previous years that still draw traffic. That is a good thing! I know with your new schedule you need to figure out how to fit blogging in. Maybe set a goal for 3 posts a week and work towards that for a start.

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